After a few weeks off from school and blogging it’s time to start thinking about next school year. I just ordered the last of our curriculum and thought I’d share what my 7th grader will be doing next year. 

7th Grade homeschool Curriculum


For math, we are departing from Singapore Math to do a year of Saxon Math before starting Algebra in 8th grade. I wrote about my options on what to do after Singapore 6 in this post if you want to read about other 7th grade math choices. 

Language Arts

The core of my son’s language arts program will be Writing and Rhetoric books 7 & 8. He will also be doing a formal spelling program this year just because I am noticing some spelling errors in longer, vowel heavy words. Read my review of Writing and Rhetoric.

For literature, he will be reading historical fiction, biographies, stories, and legends that go along with our history studies of the middle ages. So far he have King Arthur, Robin Hood, Beowulf, Arabian Nights, selected Viking legends, and Adam of the Road on his reading list. I am also looking for a couple of biographies to round out his reading list. I also plan of listening to The Chronicles of Narnia on audiobook in the car as a family.


This year, we are studying the Middle Ages as a family. My son will be going through Mystery of History 2 as his spine. Last year, we started with MOH 1 as a family, but it just didn’t work for us and our age spread. The second book in the series seems to be a lot stronger, and I think my son will enjoy it. 


I’m sad that this year I need to have my son do his own science curriculum, independent of the rest of the family.  However, I am excited to start Apologia’s General Science along with him. We will only be using the textbook and tests. Even though it looks like a fabulous supplement, I have opted out of ordering the Notebooking Journal because my son is dysgraphic and there seems to be a lot of unlined writing space. I will be using graph paper notebook pages like these in lieu of the notebooking journal.

He will continue to make entries in his nature journal.

Other Subjects

This year, my son will continue working on Spanish via Duolingo. A lesson takes about 15 minutes a day, which is just right. Once a week, he will do a lesson in Artisitic Pursuits. He will also be taking golf lessons 1-2 times per week with a few boys from his school.

​As a family, we will be reading the book of Acts and selections from Paul’s letters together and memorizing the Apostle’s Creed.