The first real day of school for us happened to coincide with the Great American Solar Eclipse, which made for a very wild first day of school.We didn’t have the special eclipse viewing glasses by choice so we had fun experimenting with various eclipse viewers.We used NASA’s instructions for a cereal box viewer and it worked surprisingly well.


Using a colander as a viewer was also very cool.


We also noticed these cool eclipse shadows in our backyard.


We weren’t lucky enough to live in the path of the full eclipse, but we still experienced the eerie light of a partial eclipse and noticed that the birds were silent during most of it and our cat was nowhere to be seen. My kids however were bouncing off the walls and wild with excitement.I didn’t write this week but I’m working on a series for a nearly clutter free homeschool. Stay tuned. Last week I reviewed some of the activity books that I use for studying the middle ages. There’s some fun books for all ages if you want to check them out/

Reading Corner

During my last two weeks of vacation, I read three books. I usually try to have a more challenging read in the mix, but since I’m  trying to attentively read through Leviticus in the morning, I decided to keep my afternoon and evening readings a little lighter to compensate.

Dear Mr. Knightley: I picked this one up because I find that sub-sub-genre about people who love Jane Austen fascinating.  However, I did not realize that it would also fall into the sub genre of Christian chick lit, which I usually find a little corny. This book was original and quite good , and I would recommend it.The Circle: This book totally reinforces the creepy feelings that I get when I think about social media.

Gilead: I read Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping for my women’s lit class in college, but I think the wisdom of the book went over my 19-year-old, overloaded-on-lit-classes head. I’m really enjoying Gilead because it gives me plenty to think about and is making me look at the world with fresh eyes.

Thanks for reading.