When school ended May, I didn’t want to think about next school year at all. That attitude lasted for a full six weeks. Earlier this week, sometime between coming home from a lovely week in Tahoe and putting the last of the laundry away, my mind shifted to all-homeschool-all-the-time mode.So in the mornings, I worked around the house and in the afternoons, I planned our history curriculum for the year, made a back to school shopping list, and ordered the last of our curriculum (CBD finally had an Apologia sale! Yay!) And I wrote postsBesides homeschool and housework, I also took the kids to see Despicable Me 3 and made a few jars of refrigerator dill pickles.


I love summer, because I finally have time to read. (Gotta be by the pool in case of an emergency!)

Last month, I finished readinga collection of essays by CS Lewis on fantasy and sci fi and that made me want to read a few good fantasy novels. While on vacation, I read Seraphina which is a young adult novel. Unlike a lot of young adult novels, I would actually recommend this one to a young adult! It’s a smart book, but not overly mature, if you know what I mean…

The Little Paris Bookshop appealed to me because I love to read books about people who love to read books. It was a good summer read.

Another book about people who like to read books was the Jane Austen Book Club. This was  a fun, light read for me after reading all of Jane Austen’s novels earlier this year.