These simple rules that will lift your spirits up for the whole day. The morning motivates us to be successful and energetic throughout the day. That’s why it’s so important to set yourself up and enjoy every minute of your life. Some mornings seem to be a nightmare: irritating sounds of the alarm clock, lack of sleep, lack of appetite and bad mood. In order for each beginning of the day to be positive, we have prepared a collection of 5 useful habits that you sho9uld definitely implement in your routine. And don’t forget about checking the lest of single women online in the mornings to cheer up.


Most people are accustomed to starting their morning with coffee. But when coffee gets into an empty stomach, a lot of hydrochloric acid is released there. Its task is to digest food. Roughly speaking, this acid instead of food begins to digest the walls of your stomach.

It is very useful in the morning glass of water instead. The warmer this water is, the better because the temperature of our internal organs is higher than body temperature. During the night it raises. Cold water, getting into the warm environment of the body, spasms the internal organs. Warm water “washes” us from the inside so drink your water slightly heatened.


Working out a few minutes in the morning will help you to feel energetic and in a good mood all day. Physical exercises do not take much time (about 5 minutes) and high tension but will keep your body tone and beautiful shape.

Another effective way to start your morning is active is jogging. Set yourself a goal to run a marathon one day, choose your type and train regularly.

Even in those moments when you do not want to run, think about the feelings that will follow. You are exercising to maintain a good physical shape. If it is difficult for you to maintain a stable weight and much effort is required, take up this habit and your life will become easier.


If you do not have time to run in the morning and do not have enough power to recharge, there are other ways to stay in shape. The plank is becoming increasingly popular. Experts note that this exercise will help strengthen all muscles of the body and guarantee weight loss. Planck increases muscle tone, strength, and endurance. At first glance – but only on the first – it seems rather simple, does not require much time or any equipment at all. But when you learn to do it, the plank will be really effective.


Women apply makeup every day. In order for your skin to remain radiant, healthy and young, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. But it doesn’t mean that the skin of males ages and gets clocked. Cosmetologists recommend washing the skin in the morning with water at room temperature, choose a cleansing agent according to the type of skin and do face masks from time to time.

HEALTHY BREAKFAST Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is during breakfast that the human body is saturated with the necessary vitamins, energy and good mood all day. In the morning, our metabolism works 30% faster than in the evening. Therefore, people who eat a nutritious breakfast and light dinner are twice as likely to lose weight, says a nutritionist.